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Parsonage Run Nursery origin

Parsonage Run Nursery has been in business since 1988.  They are a small operation, family-owned and operated. In season, they utilize up to 15 employees.  Doug and Michele Mehaffey started this business with 20 acres of regular and P.J.M. rhododendrons.  (The P.J.M. rhododendron is a winter-hardy hybrid. The cultivar originated in Weston Nurseries in Massachusetts. Consequently, it is named for Peter John Mezitt, the founder of the nursery.) Today the nursery has 150 acres. Ninety percent of their plants are boxwood, with twelve different varieties. They also have lilacs and viburnum.


Parsonage Run Nursery specializes in American boxwoods. Boxwoods are the shrub of choice for landscapers. They are wide-spreading bushes with dense, rich, evergreen foliage. Furthermore, they can grow from 10 – 15 feet high. This traditional shrub is a great landscaping plant for a formal garden. In addition, boxwoods outline backyards, parking lots or walkways. Finally, boxwoods are great topiary pieces and do well in planters. Prune them in winter to shape and size them.